Thursday, 25 August 2011

Final Year Engineering Project Ideas

Title                                                                       Category
Online Shopping Project                                        Computer   
Photo Album                                                         Computer   
Health Information System                                     Computer   
Pedal Powered Water Pump                                 Mechanical   
Solar Powered Bird Scarer                                   Mechanical   
Fuzzy Logic Applied to Motor Control                  Electrical   
Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP)                     Computer   
Online Book Store                                                Computer   
Semantic Web Search Engine                                Computer   
Wave energy Converter                                        Mechanical   
RC Planes                                                            Mechanical   
Student Information system                                   Computer 
Matrix calculator                                                  Computer  
Attendance management system                           Computer  
Handwritten Document Analysis using DIP           Electronics   

Design and optimization of Nonlinear Tapers        Electronics   
Lean Manufacturing                                             Mechanical   
crystalline Silicon Solar Cells                               Electronics   
Adaptive Active Phased Array Radars                Electronics 
Transmit sound using Light                                  Electrical
Light Transmitter / Receiver                                Electrical   
Drinking water from ocean water                        Mechanical  
Solar Chimney                                                   Mechanical   
Sun Tracker                                                      Mechanical   
Homemade Air Conditioner                               Electronics   
Wireless Door Opener                                       Electrical   
ROBOTIC ARM WITH GRIPPER                  Mechanical
Autocartoon                                                      Computer
Termination Detection in a Distributed Systems:    Computer  
Voice Spam Protection                                     Computer   
Home Appliance and Control System (HACS)  Computer   
MRS chat server                                              Computer   
Broadcasting with minimal transmission power:  Computer   
Garbage Collector for the C                              Computer  
8 th grade Social Science Projects  Science   
Design of an Ultra light rotary engine                  Mechanical
Optimal Design of a Competition Bicycle Frame Mechanical
Portable Party Power                                         Electrical  
W.A.V.E. (Wireless Audio/Video Equipment)    Electrical  
HVAC Energy Harvester                                   Electrical  
Residential Distributed Energy System                Mechanical

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