Thursday, 25 August 2011

Computer Science Project Ideas

Hotel Management Project

Download Hotel Management System in Vb

List of Hotel Management Codes in PHP

Sample Hotel Code in Java

Hotel Management Project Structure

Database Help for Hotel Management Software

Inventory Control System

Inventory Control System Source Code in Vb

Objective Exams Project

Download Article

Online Examination Project by Suhas

Online Exam Source Code download in VB6

Complete Examination System VB6
( Read its read me file to completely understand it)

More Ideas about Vb Projects

Web Stat Counter Project
Php Source Code of Web Stat Counter

pdf file contain the link about Various Counter

Successful Website Based on Statcounter Project

Download more php projects

Learn to download php projects

Library Management System

Library Management System Source Code in .NET

Library Management System in C++

Pdf files related to above project:
Getting started with library management project

Chat client and Server Project

Java chat with Customizable Gui

Shopping System Shopping Cart Source Code

Sms Server

Sms application and source Code

P2P File Sharing Client

peer to peer program source code in Visual Basic 2005

Access one computer using other
Remote Desktop Manager Source Code

Original Software uses and application

Digital Clock And Analog Clock Projects

Digital Clock Source code in

Crossword Project

Details about Crossword Project

Download Crossword Applet

Search Engine Project

Search engine Source Code

Metasearch engine source code ( def of Metasearch engine)

Website Search Engine

Semantic Search Engine

Spam filter for search engines

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