Thursday, 25 August 2011

Computer final year project ideas

Attendance Management System
Source code

GEMINI: Generic Monitoring Infrastructure for Grid System and Applications
What is grid Computing?
Details about Generic Infrastructure for Medical Informatics

District collect orate office information integration
Project Details

Automation of ticket booking system for performances
Ticket Booking System by Jignesh Desai

Automation of Stock market operations
Stock Market Application

IR Based video streaming on mobile phones
Project Information
Source Code of video Streaming in Pocket PC

Security system using IP camera
Video Surveillance using C#
Article about this project

Pervasive Computing
What is pervasive Computing
More about the project

Online recruitment system(ORS)

Embedded web server for remote access
Free embedded Ethernet
CodeProject Embedded Server Project

Online on-request courses coordination system (ORS)
Templete of Various Documents of this Project from (doc)

College management software

Help Desk (OHD) for the facilities in the campus

Development of a micro controller module for a mobile feed dispenser

Call Center Management System

8085 Simulator
Download Source Code and Application

2D and 3D Games

Campaign Information System
Download Project Document and Student kit

Pocket Dictionary
Download Open Source Project

Voice over IP
Download Project

File Transfer using PSTN

Security system using IP Camera

Virtual Router
Let us find out more about it

Auto- summarize tool
Download Report of this Project ( Pdf) <- Right click and save target as or save link as

SMS Games

SMS based Juke Box

SMS ticket Reservation

Sms Source Code Website

Universal Remote using IR on Pocket PC

Canteen Automation

It is similar to other Management System Shown above :
Library Management System

Billing Systems
Electricity Billing System - Visual Basic , VB.NET
Medical Billing System - Visual Basic , VB.NET
SMART BILLING 1.0 - Visual Basic , VB.NET
Card Billing - Visual Basic , VB.NET
Billing and Customer Account Maintenance System - Visual Basic , VB.NET

Software Defined Radio

Quiz Application

Discussion Forums 

Income tax Calculator 

Digital Audio Processing 

Spam filter for Search Engine

Online Auctioning Shop for a campus/organization

File system simulation

Network Print Spool er

HTTP Caching Proxy Server

Vehicle Access Control

Intelligent car transportation system

Online leave management system

Online Library management System ( Download )

Online Sales and Inventory management System

Employee Transfer Application 

Feature-rich, Resume Builder Application

Safe and secure Internet banking system

Online internet knowledge management system for the college (KMS).

Online application for the Training and Placement Dept. of the college

Repository and Search Engine for Alumni of College (RASE)

Split scree application for the data entry of the shipments. 

e-Post Office System

Lost Articles and Letters Reconciliation System

Student Project Allocation management with online Testing System (SPM)

Practical online Testing System (OTS).

Resource management System (RMS)

Online Tickets reservation system for Cinema halls.

Time table generation system for a college.

User friendly ,feature-rich, practical Appraisal Tracker

Development of Effort Tracker System

Feature-rich, practical “Web Enabled Estate Agent”

Web Based Mail Client

Work flow based Complaint management System (where the complaints are received through emails)

Application for receiving orders for printing digital photographs

work flow based purchase request approval system

Defect Tracking System (DTS)

Product Master maintenance system

Recipe management System

Employee Separation System (E-Separation System)

Miles Acquisition System (MAS)

Network packet sniffer

Web Based Meeting Scheduler

Employee Cubicle management System

Web based Stationery management System

Online Course Portal for a campus

 Online Polling System

Solving system of linear equations using parallel processing

Design and development of Point Of Sale [ POS ]

Design and development of Speed Cash System [ SCS ]

practical online Survey Tool (OST)

Web/Email based Search Engine

Human Resource Management System 

Optical Character Recognition 

Web-based Recruitment Process System for the HR group for a company

Budget Approval System

Online Learning System

MetaSearch Engine 

Hospital Information System 

Lifi Project : It is similar to wifi but twice as faster.For eg wifi has speed of 54 Mb/s it has around 100 Mb/s speed. It use light to transmit data. It has LED which transmit digital data as 0 (light switch off) or 1(light on)

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